Tenant Representation Services

When you want to become a tenant yourself by hiring a corporate space for running your business, you can seek professional tenant representation services to represent your needs. So, what are tenant representation services?

A tenant representative in a corporate environment is an expert who considers the best interests of the corporate tenants. They will have thorough knowledge and will be on your side, giving you the best advice, while saving time and money, and keeping you out of frustration. When we represent you as a tenant for a particular property negotiation, we will not represent the landlord at the same time. This is to avoid any conflict of interest. We will act as your representative when you want to lease a property, conduct the research for the property and give you complete details, the pros and cons of the property you will be interested in. And finally, we will help you make an informed decision. This way you can be assured that every part of the process will run smoothly, and without a hitch.

Similarly, you can contact the tenant representation services if you want new tenants for your property. Since they have a huge network of contacts and will know the right people for your property. This way, you can get excellent tenants for your property and be relieved that everything will go well.

Benefits of Tenant Representation Services

When you have tenant representatives working for you, you can be at peace, knowing they have only your best interests in mind. You will be getting our full, undivided attention and with our experience and expertise, you can be assured of a fair deal that you wouldn’t otherwise get anywhere else. Since every phase of the tenant representation is crucial, we will be with you right from the beginning, covering everything to ensure all your needs are covered.

And being a completely professional firm, we have experts who are well-versed in the lease terms and will work out a structure so there will never be any unforeseen liabilities. We will coordinate a team for you so they will cover all your needs, and come with exactly what kind of property/tenant you need.

Tenant Representation Services Offered by the Company

As part of our tenant representation services, we can help you find tenants for your warehouse, office, manufacturing or other commercial space. Similarly, if you are looking to lease or rent a corporate space for your business, we can help you find the perfect space. We have a huge network of people, landlords and business and we can tap into this vastly growing network to find the exact match for what you need. As for tenants, we will focus on finding the perfect deal for you, so that you will be the perfect property at the correct market rate. As a tenant representatives we will have only your best interests in mind. At no point will we negotiate with the landlord on any account, especially if your interests aren’t addressed completely. Our job is to work on the behalf of only one party, and that is you.

Our Services

Have a look at some of the top rated tenant representation services performed by our company, Makan:

Post-move support and follow-up


Our retail management consists mainly of lifestyle, grocery anchored and strip centers.


We specialize in managing small and medium sized office properties.


Our industrial management includes flex and light industrial properties.

One of the critical aspects of moving into a new commercial space is to do it the right way. As professionals, we will provide you with post-move support and follow-up to ensure all aspects of the move are covered correctly without any difficulty for you. We will first prepare a checklist of the things you ought to be aware of during and after the move, and this would help you stay organized during the office relocation. Once the location is lined up, you have to let your client base know that you are making a move to a different location, so they will be aware of what’s happening.


At Makan Commercial Property Management we strive to be different. We provide highly personalized service to our clients at all times. Each of our clients are unique; from their needs, to their goals, to the priority of their investments. We believe that it is critical to take the time to learn about each individual client and their investment goals in order to develop a tailored management plan.


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